I can't log in, why?

Ensure that you have cookies enabled in your web browser.

What is the difference between real balance and bank balance?

Real balance is a total of all tranasactions; bank balance is a total of cleared transactions only.

How do I enter a transaction?

There are four types of transactions: Income, Spending, Account Transfer, and Budget Adjustment.
You can enter a transaction by clicking on one of those four items from the left menu.

How do I view transactions?

There are three ways to view transactions:

  1. Click on Transactions from the left menu.
  2. Click on Accounts from the left menu, then click on a specific account.
  3. Click on Budgets from the left menu, then click on a specific budget.

To view transaction details, click on its description in the transaction list.

How do I delete a transaction?

There are two ways to delete a transaction:

  1. Click on the small red x located to the right of the transaction in the transaction list.
  2. Click on the description to view transaction details, then click on the red X near the bottom.

How do I balance the budget / reconcile it with the bank?

Mark all transactions cleared that are reported on your bank statement. Then compare the "Bank Balance" with the bank balance shown on your bank statement.

The easiest way to clear transactions is to go to the transaction list and select the Uncleared only checkbox. Then check the Clr checkbox next to each transaction that has cleared, and hit the Update button.

You may have to change the From dropdown to a longer duration to be able to see all the uncleared transactions.

How do I change my password?

Select Tools from the menu on the left. Enter your old password and the desired new password. The new password must be entered twice. Click the Change Password button to make the change.

How do I backup or restore my budget?

Select Tools from the menu on the left. Then under "Backup / Restore" you can click Backup Budget to save your budget to a file, or you can browse to a backed up file and restore it by clicking on the Restore button.